FDLT System

FDLT System is an automation service aiming to reduce manual work of corporate and financial institutions providing transparent management flow on the one hand and financial asset management on the other.

Our customers

We gained different customers from a great variety of industries. Our first customers were banks. They demanded to  manage their credit process, digitalize assets, and manipulate them.

The system continued to grow as we aimed to be a unique system handling the whole cycle of enterprise workflows in one place. Therefore the clients from Real Estate and Private Debt domains leveraged our application. Big European Medical technology companies and other companies in the healthcare sector found the FDLT ecosystem of applications useful for their business proving that their business got a more inclusive approach.

Main Features

Starting with tasks distribution, managing and control processes and documents sharing, we provide a list of really exciting tools for every standard or unique management goal:

Financial instruments

Syndication flow

Algorithmic negotiation

Portfolio management

Process and delivery management

Secure Live Data Room

Custom KYC Framework

User Management

Corporate Messaging

Data driven CRM

HR system

Open banking clients

Blockchain core